Social Service

Our main commitment is our work with Galilea 2000 A.C. on cancer prevention and supporting low-income patients with their treatment. 

How have we helped Galilea 2000 A.C.?

1. We’ve made steady monthly donations since 2014.

2. We sponsored a sewing workshop with semiprofessional machines.

3. We continuously donate our moisturizer for the burns caused by radiation treatment.

4. We provided equipment for the kitchen, dining room, and offices at Galilea 2000 A.C.

5. We’ve helped finance hundreds of PET scans, medication, prostheses, chemotherapies, radiation treatments, surgeries, transport, and, sadly, funeral expenses as well.


immi also supports several other service projects:

Vamos a dar A.C.

After the 2017 earthquakes, we were able to donate two houses in Estado de México and Oaxaca through Vamos a Dar A.C.

We donated a truck and make monthly donations since 2014 to help farmers with their crops, support the construction of a monastery, and aid a group of nuns who take care of children in extreme poverty conditions.

Belén López Tovar

Belén López Tovar has been battling a chronic autoimmune and degenerative disease called DERMATOMYOSITIS for 8 years. We have donated to her monthly since 2016 to help her cover expenses, medication, and tests, as well as physical and psychological therapy for a time.

Orquidea Mendoza

Orquídea Mendoza is 37 years old, lives in Puerto Vallarta, and is a mother of two beautiful daughters. She approached immi when she was diagnosed with level 2 IDC breast cancer. She asked for our help, and we were able to cover part of her treatment, scans, tests, and transportation. After 16 chemotherapy, 25 radiation treatments, and a mastectomy, she is a breast cancer survivor!


For two years, we made a monthly donation to a children rehabilitation foundation by the name of Fundación Tu Ayuda Integra y Apoya a la Recuperación Infantil (TAIYARI A.C.). During that time, we were able to completely cover two surgeries for children with congenital heart disease.


We supported Mayama A.C., which cares for homeless children. We donated to them monthly for three years.


Dr. Sergio Gallegos y Nariz Roja A.C.

immi has always been there when Dr. Sergio Gallegos (from the Hospital Civil) needed our support to buy PICC for pediatric chemotherapy. We have also helped Alejandro Barbosa from Asociación Campeones de la Vida Nariz Roja A.C. with donations for his oncology medication fundraisers.

El Refugio A.C.

We have helped teen mothers from El Refugio A.C., sick children who need financial support for their treatments or surgeries, women fighting cancer, and low-income women who do not have ready access to early breast cancer detection tests.

Grupo Reto Guadalajara A.C.

At immi, part of our earnings goes to cancer rehabilitation groups like Grupo RetoGuadalajara A.C., an organization that helps women with breast and cervical cancer. From November 2020 onwards, we donate a box with 50 deodorants a month so they can benefit from the sales or the products.


In October 2021, we worked with Radiorama once again by promoting their annual cancer awareness campaign.